Changing Robes For Outdoor Swimmers 2024

Best changing robes for outdoor swimmers (Can also be used for most watersports including SUP and Kayaking as well as camping and general outdoors.) So you have taken to the water like a duck and you’re now a sea dwelling, river loving, wave crashing, water god/goddess, otherwise known as an outdoor swimmer. You love the water, summer or winter, but that ten minutes of naked fright/delight at the end is getting to be traumatic, this is why a good changing robe or towelling robe is essential.

As a wise person once said, “It is not a real sport unless you’re getting changed in a car park,” and we at agree.

Now, a good changing robes for swimmers is a must, and in this review and changing robe buyers guide (scroll down for the ultimate changing robe gear guide). We will look at the important factors to consider when choosing your changing robe for the outdoor swimming seasons ahead.

Below you will find a quick look table of the robes, their pros and cons, price and shopping link. Then our changing robe buyer’s guide and what to look for when considering a new changing robe. Then finally, for those looking for even more in-depth information, we have a breakdown of each robe in the table.

So if you’re looking for changing robes for swimmers, the best dry robes for swimming, swimming robes, outdoor robes or a swim change robe, then you are in the right place.

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£76.71 - £115.21

✔ Waterproof ✔ Double Zip ✔ Velcro Cuffs ✔ Internal pocket ✔ Fleece Lining

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£140.00 - £191.88

✔ Industry Leader ✔ 2 Way Zip ✔ Velcro Cuffs ✔ Internal pocket ✔ Synthetic lambs Wool ✔ Variety

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✔ Waterproof ✔ 2 Way YKK Zip ✔ Velcro Cuffs ✔ Internal pocket ✔ Fleece Lined External Pockets

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Red Original

✔ Waterproof ✔ Portable ✔ Double Zip ✔ Roomy ✔ External Pockets

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Charlie Mcleod
£95.00 - £135.45

✔ Waterproof ✔ Recycled Material ✔ Roomy ✔ Velcro Cuffs ✔ Zip Pull Tabs

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Frostfire Moonwrap

✔ Waterproof ✔ 2 Way Zip ✔ Wide Cuffs ✔ Multiple Pockets ✔ Fleece Lining

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Lomo Watersport

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Changing Robes For Outdoor Swimmers Buyers Guide

Does it work as a Changing Robe?

Yes, it is a changing robe first, a fashion accessory second. So the first thing in our changing robe buyer’s guide is, not is it a stylish design! But is it practical? Can you change in it? Now you may think that this is a bit of a stupid question, but there are several factors to consider here. 

1: Robe Size:

You, your size and the size of the Changing robe, unfortunately changing robes are not designed for everyone in the outdoor swimming community. In fact, most brands offer minimal sizing options. So check the sizes and make sure that you have enough room to move around to get changed. You don’t want to get to the beach and find out it is not fit for purpose! Also, how small does it compact down to? Will it fit in your swimming dry bag?

2: The cut: Can you change in it?

The outdoor swimming scene has exploded recently, and as such there are more and more generic changing robes available. Unfortunately, there are many change robes that are just outdoors jackets, with furry linings. The cut of the garment is all wrong, which makes some great as a fashion accessory, but not as changing robes. Can you take your wetsuit off in it? Can you put your pants on without exposing yourself?

3: The Arms: Narrow or Wide?

The sleeve design is important! When the robe is fully zipped, can you get your arms in and out? Again, this is all down to the cut. If it is shaped like an outdoor jacket, the arms and sleeves will be narrow to change in and not very practical. You want big wide arms and sleeves, this makes pulling your arms in and out from the inside whilst getting changed easy. 

4: The Changing Robe zip:

A big fat zip with a toggle and the ability to zip it up and down from both the inside and the outside. A key practical necessity of a quality changing robe is a two-way zip that you can operate even with numb hands and numb fingers. Yes, you want an easy to operate two-way zip, you will thank me later. If you love to cold water swim in the winter or colder months, then you know the frustrations around a bad zip and cold hands and cold fingers. One key yet simple innovation here is a zip with finger pulls! 

5: The Change Robe Inner Fleecy Lining

These can vary drastically from quick-wicking towel material to the extra warmth of a thick synthetic lamb’s wool lining interior. You are looking for a towel-like interior or an internal fleece lining-like material. If you want something that will not get cold when wet, avoid a cotton lining and go for a synthetic material that will dry fast and retain heat even when wet like 3Ms Thinsulate. When it is cold outside, you want a warm cosy lining to your Dry robe; you want instant warmth, you want post-swim warmth. Critical to watersports safety, is getting warm afterwords.

6: Does it have a Water Proof Outer?

If you’re new to the UK, you may not be aware that it rains a lot here. So when getting a changing robe, leave the towelling ones at home and pack your waterproof one. The outer material, at minimum, should be water-resistant, but we would recommend a good waterproof material. Why? When you get out of the water, your body temperature can drop quickly. Getting changed in a wet changing robe whilst the rain batters down is not fun, trust me. I would rather be cocooned in a warm, fluffy interior with the rain beading off the exterior waterproof materials. In short, I am looking for a changing robe that is as good and effective in the warmer weather as it is in the colder weather. Something suitable for the ever changing British weather.

7: Hood and Neck area.

Again, like the arms, the hood and the neck area are important to the functionality of a practical changing robe. Too much space here and the elements and dare I say passers-by will have full access. Too tight and you won’t be able to move your head independently of your body when you’re changing. Don’t underestimate how much movement, motion and commotion is involved in peeling off a wet wetsuit or bathing costume or pair of shorts and a rash guard when you’re locked tight inside a changing robe. The next key thing here is an adjustable hood with a peek and drawstring to allow you to secure the opening, vital in windy and rainy conditions. 

8: Interior Pocket

Picture the scene. You have just emerged from a cold swim. Your wild swimmer friends are all around. It is cold and you’re keen to get changed, quickly. You open your dry bag, throw down your changing mat, and pull on your changing robe. Then you grab your underwear from the waterproof inside pocket that you placed inside earlier. In two ticks you’re out of your wetsuit and ready to rummage through your dry bag for your warm kit. An interior deep pocket can be handy! 

9:Exterior Pocket

Again, handy. As changing robes with the success of Dryrobe have become fashionable accessories and are now regularly seen at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, having some outer pockets to stay, your phone, purse or credit card is a must. Coffee is not free and rummaging through your wet kit to grab your purse is not a good look.

10: Other/miscellaneous

This can be things like recycled fabrics, like recycled nylon. There is a large push in the outdoors community to be more eco-friendly and more and more changing robe manufacturers are producing upcycled, recycled and sustainable goods. And yes, you can make a cosy robe from recycled plastic bottles!

Range of colours, not everyone wants a one colour fits all, some want bright pink, others camouflage, others grey. Some robes come with an extensive colour range, others come in one for all.

Best Dryrobe Alternatives

Dryrobes pioneering changing robe design revolutionised the watersports, providing a waterproof and windproof outdoor changing solution with a windproof outer and a waterproof outer that gave the user privacy and comfort to get changed. However, like all pioneering visions, many imitators will appear and some may even surpass the original dryrobe, maybe! However, any of the dryrobe alternatives below are a great choice for your watersports adventures and any will be a valuable addition to your kit.

Osprey Dry Robe Adult Changing Robe, Waterproof Changing Robe, Swimming and Beach Robe, Unisex, Black

  • 1: Robe Sizes: 5 Size options
  • 2: Can You Change In It? YES very practical.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: Good Zips, zip pulls.
  • 5: Robe Lining: Sherpa Fleece lining
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: Inside and out plus 2 zipped pocket.
  • 8: Other: Easy to Clean
  • 1: Robe Sizes: Lots of Size options - Kids to XL.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? YES very practical.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: Good Zips, elastic zip pulls.
  • 5: Robe Lining: Synthetic Lambs Wool.
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: Inside and out plus zipped pocket.
  • 8: Other: Industry Leader: Recycled Material : Easy to Clean
  • 1: Robe Sizes: 3 Sizes to choose from.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? YES very practical.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: Good Zips, 2 way YKK.
  • 5: Robe Lining: Sherpa fleece lined inner
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: 2 inside and 2 sipped outside.
  • 8: Other: Easy to Clean
  • 1: Robe Sizes: 3 Sizes to choose from.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? YES very practical.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: Good Zips, pull tab and outer wind shield
  • 5: Robe Lining: Fleece lined inner
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: 2 outside + 1 Waterproof zipped chest pocket.
  • 8: Other: Easy to Clean
  • 1: Robe Sizes: 4 Sizes to choose from.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? YES very practical.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: 2 Way Zips with pull tab.
  • 5: Robe Lining: Sherpa Fleece lined inner
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: 4 outside
  • 8: Other: Made from Recycled materials
  • 1: Robe Sizes: 1 Size to choose from.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? Depends how big you are.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: 2 Way Zips with pull tab.
  • 5: Robe Lining: Fleece lined inner
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets: 2 outside, 1 Inside
  • 8: Other: Easy To Clean
  • 1: Robe Sizes: 1 Size to choose from.
  • 2: Can You Change In It? Depends how big you are.
  • 3: Arms: Good easy access.
  • 4: The Zip: 2 Way Zips
  • 5: Robe Lining: Towel material lined inner
  • 6: Hood & Neck: Secures nicely.
  • 7: Pockets:1 Inside
  • 8: Other: Easy To Clean

Best Changing robes for swimming

If you love spending time outdoors, whether it’s at the beach, loch, lake or outdoor pool, then you know how important it is to have the right gear. And that includes a good changing robe. A changing robe helps you stay covered up while you’re getting out of your swimsuit/wetsuit and into your clothes. It also keeps your wet swimsuit from getting everything else wet.

A changing robe is simply a garment that you can wear over your swimsuit/wetsuit. It will protect your skin from the sun, rain and the wind and it will also keep you warm when you get out of the water.

And if you have kids, a good changing robe can be a lifesaver. Another key area where changing robes are extremely popular is winter swimming or winter adventure activities. Being cold in the summer is one thing but being cold in the winter after a cold water swim is another thing entirely! Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article of some of the best changing robes for outdoor swimming. If so, please give us a share.

This article is specific for the best swim robes UK and the changing robe UK.

Changing Robes are worth it – Conclusion

A changing robe can help to keep you warm when you are getting out of the water, which is especially important in cooler weather and after colder swims. There are a few reasons you should make the switch to a changing robe. First, they’re more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your towel falling off or getting wrapped up in it. Second, they’re more efficient. You can get dressed and undressed much quicker in a robe. Third, they’re more stylish. Robes come in many different colors and designs, so you can find one that suits your taste.

We believe we have given you the best swimming robes for adults information online. You know what to look for in and outdoor change robe and why. It is now up to you to do the hard part and pick your dry robe for swimming.

Check out the links above to buy yours.

Enjoy your swimming adventures.

Team Best Outdoors

PS: We also have guides on gloves, wetsuits, dry bags, changing mats and more.

Q: What is a changing robe?

A: A changing robe is a type of outer garment that is designed to provide privacy and protection while changing clothes outdoors. It typically has a large hood and is made from a waterproof material.

Q: What are the benefits of using a changing robe?

A: Using a swimming changing robe has several benefits. It provides privacy when changing in public areas, keeps you warm and dry during outdoor activities, and protects you from the elements.

Q: What are some alternatives to the dryrobe?

A: Some alternatives to the dryrobe include Lomo Robes, Seashell changing robe, and Red Original Pro Change.

Q: Is there a specific changing robe that is suitable for water sports?

A: Yes, there are swim chang robes specifically designed for water sports. These robes often have features like a waterproof outer shell and short sleeves for easy changing.

Q: What are the best dryrobes available in 2024?

A: The best dryrobes available in 2024 ? There are many, nearly every major watersport manufacturer now has multiple dryrobe alternatives. We have listed some of the best above and given our readers a guide to understand what makes a good dryrobe. Five years ago a dryrobe was a simple changing robe but now it is more so a fashion accessory rather than a practical garment. Our guide informs you of everything you need to know to pick yourself the very best dryrobe for your lifestyle in 2024.

Q: Are there any alternatives to the dryrobe that are lined for extra warmth?

A: Yes, there are many alternatives to the dryrobe that are lined for extra warmth. Almost every dryrobe alternative has a warm inner. Some options include the Osprey Robes and the Seashell changing robe.

Q: Where can I find a cheap dryrobe alternative?

A: You can find cheap dryrobe alternatives online or at outdoor sports stores. Shopping around and comparing prices can help you find the best deal. Lomo Watersport is a good value option.

Q: What is the best waterproof changing robe?

A: The best waterproof changing robe is the one that fits your needs and preferences. Some popular options include the Red Original Changing Robe and the Seashell changing robe.

Q: Are there any long-sleeve changing robes available?

A: Yes, most are long-sleeve changing robes. Most robes are designed to keep you warmer in colder weather, including long sleeves. 

Q: Can a changing robe keep my hands warm?

A: Yes, a changing robe can help keep your hands warm. Look for a robe that has pockets or hand warmer pockets for added functionality.

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