EDC Cache Caps And Hats


Practical EDC Caps and Hats With a Bunch of Genius Hidden Pockets

Lets talk about the king of cache caps, the Wazoo Survival Cache Cap.

At first glance, it just looks like a regular old baseball cap or bucket hat – slightly worn, maybe repping your favourite sports team or brand (you would need to customise it, easy enough). But this common-looking lid is concealing a secret: it’s actually loaded with tons of clever little pockets and compartments (Wazoo Cache cap the others just have one pocket).

We’re talking hidden slots along the underside for stashing cash or your ID. Multiple hook and loop closure pockets and compartments on the underside, as well as bill sleeve pockets on the underside of the peak for your house key or slim card multi-tool. 

Basically, it’s the Swiss Army knife of hats – giving you discreet, hands-free storage for all your everyday carry essentials without looking like you’ve got a bulky utility belt strapped to your head. 

Just think about how clutch that would be at a concert, sporting event, bushcraft meet, hiking or any situation where you need to be hands-free but also want your valuables safely stowed and within reach. No more crowding your pockets or leaving things behind!

The real genius is in the cap’s low-key, inconspicuous design. To any casual observer, you’re just rocking a fresh fitted or dad hat. But you’ll know better – it’s your own incognito wearable organiser!

Getting your hands on one of these storage hats is an absolute game-changer for the ultra-organised EDC person on the go. Just be warned – once you experience the convenience, you may never go back to a regular hat!  It will be a classic baseball EDC cap for life.

Key Features to look for in an Cache Cap or Cache Hat

Pocket Capacity

How many pockets and what sizes? Make sure it has enough storage for your everyday carry items.

Pocket Placement

Pockets on the sweatband, brim, back, sides etc. Look for placement that makes items easily accessible for your use case.

Pocket Security

Zipper, velcro, hook and loop or snap closures to prevent items from falling out while being active.

Discrete Design

The whole point is for it to look like a regular baseball cap, or bucket hat so avoid overly bulky or tactical styles.

Sweat-Wicking Material

A moisture-wicking lining can help prevent sweat and stains on stored items.

Adjustable Fit

An adjustable snapback or velcro closure ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

Durable Construction

Look for reinforced stitching and quality materials to withstand frequent use.


Mesh panelling or venting can help keep you cool while wearing it.

With the right storage hat, you can keep all your essentials concealed yet within reach without sacrificing style or comfort. The ultimate hands-free EDC!

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