Ultimate EDC Pen Guide: Handy Writing Tools and Self-Defense Pens


We’re all guilty of overlooking the humble pen, but this everyday item is seriously underrated! An EDC (everyday carry) pen is designed to be a tough, smooth-writing tool that you can slip in your pocket or bag and have on you 24/7.

Get this – the famous Fisher Space Pen is actually used by astronauts! How crazy is that? It’s a ballpoint with a special cartridge lets you scribble at any angle, making it a solid choice no matter what sticky situation you find yourself in. If it is good enough for NASA to endorse for astronauts, then it is good enough for your EDC kit! Highly Recommended. 

The dudes at BestOutdoors swear by their micro multi-tools with built-in pens. Killing two birds with one stone by having their pen conveniently stashed in their wallets at all times. Talk about genius!

But here’s the deal – the “best” EDC pen really depends on what floats your boat. Some folks dig the compact ones, while others couldn’t care less about size as long as that baby writes like a dream. No matter which camp you fall into, an EDC pen is a must-have accessory that’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

This Pen Means Business (And Self-Defense!)- EDC Tactical Pens

Now, if you really want to up your EDC game, get your hands on a tactical pen. This bad boy doubles as a writing instrument AND a self-defense tool. Mind. Blown.

We’re talking aircraft-grade aluminium, titanium or stainless steel construction that can take one helluva beating. Some even come with a glass breaker or striking end, so you can shatter windows or…well, you know, do what you gotta do to get outta a nasty situation.

Listen, we’re not saying you should go around looking for trouble, but keeping one of these tacti-cool pens in your ride could literally be a lifesaver. Imagine being trapped after a gnarly crash and being able to bust your way out? 

When picking your tactical pen, aim for something lightweight yet solid enough to pack a punch. You want it to feel good in your hand without weighing you down and even look cool with a bolt action pen styling.


At the end of the day, whether you rock a simple EDC pen or one with self-defense perks, having a reliable writer in your arsenal is a total game-changer. Your future self will thank you for finally adding one to your everyday carry!

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