The Ramblers, Britians Walking Charity shares 10 reasons to love walking

Gather your family and friends. Walking in a group and chatting along the way allows you to take in everything together and share the experience. You can motivate your friends and family to join you and encourage each other. If you’re looking for a group, the Ramblers offer a wide variety of guided walks you can get involved with. 

Explore the urban. While there is a lot of beautiful countryside to discover, don’t forget urban spaces. Rambling through a town or city can open your eyes to all manner of wonderful things and provide a unique perspective. Take a look at the Ramblers list of the ten best urban walks in green spaces. 

Satisfy your taste buds. Make your venture into the great outdoors even more satisfying and plan a route that circles you back to your favourite local or use your walk as an opportunity to explore a new cafe for some tea and cake as you work up an appetite along the way. Whether 

you want to fuel a countryside stroll with local and seasonal produce or wander through more urban settings via a gastro pub, there’s a well-trodden walking route for you. Here are five of Britain’s best foodie walks 

Step into the unknown. Across Britian, we’re surrounded by ancient woodland, moors and meadows, so challenge yourself to walk in a different environment or explore a new footpath. The Ramblers Routes library has more than 4,000 tried-and-tested routes. From short urban strolls to hillside adventures, there’s something for everyone to try, suitable for every level. 

Be playful. It might sound a little strange, but try walking backwards! There are reports dating back to the early 19th Century of people walking thousands of miles, in reverse. According to research, taking a stroll backwards can have surprising benefits on your health and brain with some studies* even suggesting it can positively affect memory reaction time and problem-solving skills. 

Get social. Social media can be a great place to gather inspiration for different walking routes, especially if you are exploring a new area. It can also help for accountability if you choose to share your walking journey online and you can help inspire others along the way. Find The Ramblers on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #nationalwalkingmonth. Stopping to say a quick hello to others you meet on your route can also be a great way to make new friends, discover viewpoints you might have missed or simply connect with the wider walking community.

Take it slow. Don’t put pressure on yourself to hit a certain step count every time you head out the door. If you’re new to walking, start with walks that aren’t too long or strenuous. You’ll enjoy the experience and learn what you want to get from walking. Ramblers Wellbeing Walks are a great place to start, with free, short walks to help you take the first step towards better health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Embrace mindfulness. If you’re more of a seasoned walker, try something new this month to mix things up. Look around and take notice of your surroundings, allow your mind time to wander and not pay hard attention to anything. There’s nothing quite like that uplifting feeling you experience when you notice the first wild buds of the year beginning to flower and studies** have shown that walking outside and noticing three good things in nature can have a significantly positive impact on your mental health. 

Admire the view. So often we can be in a rush and not appreciate our surroundings. From breathtaking countryside to city skylines and from early morning mists to sunsets, make your walk one to remember by stopping to take in the beautiful views around you. Check out these seven locations that have stunning walking views. 

Walk your way to a better mood. Studies show that even walking briskly for ten minutes increases mental alertness and positive mood. Plus it’s an easy activity that anyone, anywhere can do. The Ramblers is working to increase access to Britain’s path network through their Outdoors Unlocked campaign, meaning that more people can enjoy the wellbeing benefits of being in the great outdoors. 

*It takes me back: The mnemonic time-travel effect – ScienceDirect 

** About the Ramblers 

The Ramblers is Britain’s walking charity. We open the way so everyone can get out and go walking – in towns and cities, through fields and forests, along coastlines or mountaintops. Across Britain, we break down barriers that stand in the way and give more people the opportunity to walk. The Ramblers acts to protect paths and ensure they are properly registered as public rights of way, working to save thousands of miles of paths that could be lost forever through our Don’t Lose Your Way campaign. All year round, teams of Ramblers volunteers keep paths clear and well-maintained for more people to enjoy. This includes putting up waymarks to help walkers know they’re sticking to the right path. Last year the Ramblers volunteers organised 40,000 group walks and our partners organised 30,000 short health-focused walks called Ramblers Wellbeing Walks. These walks helped over 136,000 people experience the pleasures of walking and spend time in green spaces, connecting with nature.

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