Best EDC Organisers UK

We all start building our EDC gear with one or two pieces, maybe starting with your phone, earphones, a multi-tool, knife, torch or a wallet. But before long you begin to really see the benefits of EDC and your essential everyday items begin to grow, when this happens your pockets, and your wallet will no longer be big enough, and you will need an EDC organiser or pouch. Organisers are also essential for transporting your kit, these are great for slipping into your car’s boot or glove box, or for carrying in your bag when commuting to work, or out on an adventure. So read on to see the best EDC organisers in the UK.

What is an EDC Organiser? Pocket Organizer?

As stated above, it is a simple pouch, like a large wallet that can accommodate all of your essential everyday carry items. Wallet, Earphones, MultiTool, Knife, Phone, Flashlight, Lighter, Portable Charger, Pen and whatever you perceive as essential EDC. 

What should I look for in an EDC Organiser?

Key Considerations When Choosing an EDC Organizer:

**Size and Portability:**
– Choose the right size based on your EDC items.
– Larger organizers for more items, smaller ones for minimalistic needs.
– Portability matters for daily use and travel.

**Design, Style, and Materials:**
– Practical and functional design with compartments.
– Match the style to your preferences and lifestyle.
– Choose durable materials like nylon, canvas, or leather for longevity.

**Organization of EDC:**
– Ensure it accommodates all your EDC items.
– Customizable layout for different needs.
– Easy accessibility, quality, and personal style.

– Look for multiple compartments and pockets for quick access.
– Consider zipper closures for added convenience.
– Choose a size and weight that fits comfortably.
– Opt for durable materials to protect your belongings.

Leather Organisers

Large EDC Organsiers

Military Organisers

Small Pocket Organisers

Finally I would like to recommend my own personal high tech essential EDC case. Its high end, its looks good, smells good (leather) and is perfect for phone, earbuds and my mini multi tool, torch and knife. 

The Grams28 – 109 Essential Case

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