Christmas gift ideas for wild swimmers

This is a short, straight to the point Christmas gift ideas for wild swimmers. If you are looking for a more in-depth guide to wild swimming and cold water swimming gear then check out our Wild Swimming Gear Guide. But if you’re just looking for some cool bits of kit that will allow you to buy the swimmer in your life a great gift without much effort then this is the list for you. 

Best gifts for open water swimmers this Christmas

This is the ultimate Christmas gift list of open water swimming gifts for those hard to buy for swimmers that you love. 

Neoprene Gloves

Most outdoor swimmers, if they swim all year round, will own a pair of neoprene swimming gloves, why not buy them a pair of the very best swimming gloves on the market. The Lomo Tri X swimming glove.

Neoprene Swimming Socks

Just like gloves, socks are well-loved by avid open water swimmers. The Lomo Tri-x Socks are raved about. 

Tow Float

Seems like this is becoming a Lomo promotional article (it is not) they just do good gear. Tow Floats, are about visibility and this mega sized orange beast from Lomo Watersport packs plenty of space, dry bag interior, and rucksack carrying straps. Your swimmer friend will love it. 

DryRobe Changing Robe

After a swim, cold water swimmers need to get changed without flashing the dog walkers, this is done with a changing robe, we recommend the Seashell. It has all the features and a great price. They will love you forever.

Dry Bag

Outdoor swimming gets you wet, it gets all your kit wet and that is why a dry bag and an internal set of dry bags is perfect for the wild swimming in your life this Xmas. Everything that’s wet stays wet; everything that is dry stays dry. Who wouldn’t love a gift like that this Christmas?

Swimming Towel

Yeah, it is a bit of a rubbish gift, but for a wild swimming enthusiast a cool, quick drying, microfiber towel is an invaluable piece of kit, and they will love you for it. And they are cheap.


After they swim, they love to eat cake and drink tea. Now that tea needs to be warm and this is where the flask will come in, and it will be cherished. 


Swimming is a great form of exercise and today’s smartwatches have some amazing features to assist. From heart rate monitors to alerts, stroke coaching and more. A bit pricey, but that is the cost of love.

Go Pro Action Camera

Open water swimmers love to tell you about their adventures and what they saw. “I tell you it was a 20ft stag, and it was standing right next to the river”, well let them bring their adventures to life with a cool waterproof action cam and there are no better options than a Gopro.

Anti-Chafing Cream

Yip, it’s the underbelly (thighs, armpits and neck) but chafing is real and a stick of body glide will show you really care.

Hand Warmers

Gloves keep your hands warm in the water, instant hand warmers keep your hands warm when you exit the water. Another gift that will be loved.

Multi Tool

A multi tool, what is that doing on a swimming Christmas list? Wellbeing out in the wilds swimming, means being ready for any eventuality and a multi-tool will give them a knife, pliers, scissors, screwdrivers and more. A real practical tool for all adventures.

Wild Swimming T shirt

Finally, one of our excellent wild swimming T shirts. Who wouldn’t love one of them?

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