Best Swimming Socks For Outdoor Swimmers

If you are looking for the best swimming socks for outdoor swimmers then you have landed in the right place. Open water swim socks like gloves are worn for a variety of reasons, but the main reasons are to keep your feet warm when swimming, and the sock also offers an extra level of protection when walking into and out of the swim.

When out open water swimming your feet can become cold quickly, just as your hands do. A pair of quality neoprene socks are incredibly helpful for keeping your feet warm when swimming in cold water. The same concept applies to socks as it does to gloves: we are looking for blind stitching, glued seams, proper fit and a secure cuff.

The best swim socks, as mentioned above, also guard the feet. Walking into a lake, coast, sea, shoreline, or pond may require crossing over stones, pebbles, grass paths, forest grounds and more; walking over these kinds of terrain with a thin layer of neoprene between you and the surface can provide comfort and avert harm.

Always follow the size chart as sometimes you have to size down!

What makes a good swim sock?

Swim Sock Technology

Swim socks are a type of sock designed to be worn whilst swimming. Neoprene swim socks can provide several benefits to swimmers, including protection from the ground, and warmth in cold water.

Neoprene Socks

Socks for swimmers come in a variety of neoprene thicknesses from 1 mm to 5 mm but the most common thicknesses are 2mm and 3mm. Neoprene fabric offers excellent flexibility, allowing for unrestricted movement, while its rugged construction ensures warmth and durability even in the coldest of waters. But how a sock is made makes all the difference.

What is Blind Stitching?

Blind stitching is a method of sewing in which the needle and thread are not visible from the other side of the fabric. It only penetrates one side. This type of stitching is often used in neoprene watersports garments, as the needle does not penetrate all the way through, meaning the water can not enter through the stitching. The best neoprene swim socks use seams that are blind stitched.

What are glued Seams?

Glued seams are a type of seam used in sewing and construction. They are made by applying glue to one or both sides of two pieces of fabric and then pressing them together. Glued seams are strong and can be used to join heavy fabrics. In wetsuits and swim socks, glued seams are often combined with blind-stitched seams to make them super tough and watertight.

What are Liquid Seams on a swim sock?

A liquid seam is a type of stitching used to join two pieces of fabric together. It is often used in swimwear and other garments that need to be waterproof. Liquid seams are usually made with a special machine that uses heat and pressure to seal the stitches. This is the outer layer on the seams, visible on the outside of the sock.

What is an Ankle Gasket?

An ankle gasket is a type of seal that is used to prevent water or other liquids from entering through the opening at the ankle. The gasket is made of a flexible material, in this case, neoprene, that can be compressed to create a seal around the ankle.


Some swim sock manufacturers opt for a tight cuff with a velcro fastener instead of a gasket to minimise water ingress. After all, this is where both the foot and the water will enter the swimming sock.

Best open water swimming socks? Best socks for cold water swimming?

The best cold water swimming socks have a combination of all of these technologies to minimize water ingress and maximise heat around the swimmers feet. For the best swim socks for open water and cold water swimming check out our recommended list below. Neoprene swimming socks are extremely popular during the winter months for obvious reasons. If you are winter swimming, ice swimming etc then swimming gloves and socks are important to keep your extremities safe.

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