Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boots Review

In this review, I will be looking at Feelgrounds patrol winter boots. I have been wearing these boots during the winter here in Scotland. Here is my review, based on real word, everyday use, in cold urban (70% of time), outdoors (30% of the time).


  • Warm barefoot shoes, perfect for the winter season.
  • Everything you love about barefoot shoes but with added insulation to beat the cold.
  • Minimalist boots, wide toe box, zero drop and perfect for the cold months.
  • Feelgrounds ship to EU, UK, USA and the World.

Barefoots Shoes 101

If you new to barefoot shoes, read my Barefoot shoes for the outdoors article. In a nutshell, barefoot shoes are characterised by a zero drop soles, a wide toe box and minimal stability. They are designed around the natural structures of our feet and designed to complement our feet, allowing them to move naturally, thus promoting strong feet and ankles.

Zero Drop


Which simply means that there is no heal to the shoe. Heels are a modern artificial item that interferes with the body’s skeletal alignment.

Wide Toe Box


A wider area at the top of the shoe for your toes to open out completely. Which simply means that the toe area is wide and not cramped and your toes will have space to move and spread out naturally, just the way they do when you are barefoot!

Minimal Stability

Barefoot shoes have minimal support allowing your foots natural structures to provide the stability. This encourages your bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles to strengthen overtime, making your feet and ankles stronger.

Feelgrounds Barefoot Shoes.

Feelgrounds are a European barefoot shoes company that ships worldwide. Founded in 2019, the company is young, fresh and on a mission to create stylish barefoot boots, barefoot sneakers and barefoot shoes.

“Our mission is to make barefoot shoes available and appealing to more people.”

Winter Barefoot Boots.

In this review, I am specifically looking at Feelgrounds winter boots. My day to day barefoot shoes are great for the summer and do me well up into Autumn but when winter arrives, the thin soles and super lightweight construction of my everyday barefoot shoes are made redundant in the cold and wet of winter. For winter in Scotland, I need a barefoot shoe that can keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable. Do these barefoot winter boots from FeelGrounds achieveachieve this?

Feelgrounds Patrol Winter Boots

What Feelgrounds say about their Winter Patrol Boots.

“The Patrol Winter unites barefoot functionality and timeless boot design. Its animal-free materials keep your feet warm and dry, while the sole pattern is made for maximum traction. Waterproof, snowproof, winterproof. Excellent for cold days.”

In short YES. The Feelgrounds winter patrol boots are as promised. The soles are slightly thicker than my summer barefoot shoes. This additional thickness is for better thermal properties, however, they feel just like every other pair of ultra light barefoot shoes I have worn. The major difference between these and non-winter barefoot shoes, is the weatherproofing. These shoes kept my feet warm and dry in everyday use, be it sitting in a cold office, walking outside in -9c or going for a leisurely stroll. By comparison, wearing non-winter barefoot shoes, (before the boots arrived) by the end of the day, my feet were cold, numb and painful. These are perfect for wet days, cold days, snow days and more. They work. Now let’s look at the features to understand why?

Feel Grounds Patrol Winter Features.

This is the main difference between these and almost all other barefoot shoes, the insulation. The insulation covers the sole of the foot with the thicker 10mm rubber sole and felt insoles as well us the uppers with fleece and fur. Toasty, toasty.

Vegan Fur

First off, it should just be called synthetic fur! It covers the upper ankle area (inside collar) and does a great job of keeping the top of the ankle warm and insulated.



The whole inner lining of the boot is covered in this plush, soft fleece and this is one of the key components to these Patrol Winter boots. The fleece does its job and does it well, keeping your feet and toes warm all day long.



The felt insoles add an extra layer of insulation between you and the ground. For me personally, the soul is often the coldest part of a traditional summer barefoot shoes when they are worn in the winter. These Feelgrounds winter patrol boots and their felt insoles are adequately insulated, making for a warm underfoot in the coldest of conditions.


A combination of a synthetic waterproof membrane and the synthetic vegan leather (polyurethane leather) make the winter patrol boot waterproof. Combined with a strong Gusseted Tongue to keep water out of the ankle opening. The tongue is secured up to the third top eyelet, meaning no water is getting in via the tongue before that eyelet. All in all, I tested the boots on many rainy nights, walking in constant heavy rains and across puddles and more. My feet stayed dry.




First off, there are a few references to vegan materials. This is just FeelGrounds way of saying that these boots are animal free. Things like fur, leather, etc have been replaced with the equivalent synthetic option for an animal free shoe.

Sealed Seams

The seams of the various parts of the boot are sewn together, but the inside is protected via that waterproof membrane, meaning all potential water ingress from the seams is countered with the waterproof membrane. As stated in heavy Scottish rain, my feet stayed dry.



The sole is 10mm, or 1 cm in thickness, as mentioned above, a decent sole is key to warmth in shoes and FeelGrounds do a great job here of balancing the thin line of barefoot feel and insulation. Traditional barefoot shoe soles are usually between 3mm and 6mm, however, I was still able to feel every aspect of the ground, the rocks, the edges, the uneven terrain, and more with these slightly thicker soles. Obviously, they are not as thin as regular barefoot shoes and the ground feel will not compare, but I believe they got the balance spot on for these winter boots.

Zero Drop Heel

Standard barefoot shoes, no heel, zero drop though out.

Wide Toe Box

Possibly due to the extra internal layers, i.e the waterproof membrane and the fleece, I found the upper aspect of the toe box to be a little tighter than my usual summer barefoot shoes. However, this was minimal. The toe box is wide and allows for my toes to be spread out when walking in these boots.


These are the lightest boots I have ever owned. In fact, if you own any boots, you know that in general they are heavy, inflexible, clunky things. The Winter patrol barefoot boots in comparison are lightweight, flexible and a joy to wear every day.


Just like your standard summer barefoot trainer, these boots are super flexible, allowing for you to feel the ground as you walk, keeping your feet and ankles engaged as you maneuver your way through life.

Pros and Cons of Feelgrounds winter barefoot shoes.

Pros – Warm, healthy feet throughout the cold wet winter.

Cons – The main one would be to size up, due to the extra layers of insulation. If you want a similar feel to your summer barefoot shoes, I would go up one size. But to be honest, this is not a con, just advice.

Conclusion of my real world use of the Feelgrounds patrol winter boots.

I would say that the warmth, grip, barefootness and waterproofness of these boots were perfect for what I was looking for. As stated above, my feet get cold in the winter and standard summer trainers just do not work for me in the Scottish winter. Feelgrounds promised a winter boot and they delivered, with a fine balance of warmth and comfort, whilst staying true to the barefoot shoe ideals.

Where to buy your own pair of Feelgrounds patrol winter boots?


I have an affiliate link for FeelGrounds. This will not impact the price you pay but will kick back a little cash to me (helps me run the site). Note: The affiliate to Feelgrounds did not in any wayin any way influence my ideas and or opinions on the Patrol Winter boots.

Winter Boot Sales Pitches


Cold weather doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your foots health. FeelGrounds’ zero-drop winter boots are the perfect way to keep your feet warm, dry, and healthy all season long. Crafted with innovative, vegan friendly waterproof materials and designed to be zero drop, with a wide toe box, these boots will make sure you stay comfortable in everyday use this winter and beyond. Experience natural ground feel with every step and keep your feet happy no matter the weather.


Keep your toes warm all year round with FeelGrounds! Their revolutionary barefoot winter boots are designed to give you a natural walking experience, while keeping your feet warm and dry. With all the barefoot features you know and love, zero drop, wide toe box, minimal stability as well as waterproof materials and extra insulation, means you can enjoy the outdoors in barefoot shoes even in the coldest of climates. Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to FeelGrounds!


Minimalist barefoot shoes and winter just don’t go. Cold feet is an issue for those who love the benefits of barefoot shoes.

Walking around without feeling in your feet and long days of numbing pain in your toes is not acceptable. The discomfort of cold feet can stop you from doing the activities you love. No one wants to risk injury due to poorly insulated barefoot shoes.

Feelgrounds winter Patrol boots are the perfect solution. Crafted with breathable vegan fur, fleece and felt, they keep your feet warm and comfortable while still allowing you to experience the same sensory benefits of barefoot shoes. Get ready to explore your world again with Feelgrounds!

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