What is bushcraft? An Introduction

  1. Introduction to Bushcraft
  2. The history of Bushcraft
  3. Skills and techniques of Bushcraft
  4. How to get started with Bushcraft
  5. Conclusion

Introduction to Bushcraft

Bushcraft is a term that is used to describe a wide range of wilderness survival skills and techniques. Our ancestors, who once lived and thrived in the wilderness developed these skills over hundreds of thousands of years. However, the technology they had access to was very different. Today, Bushcraft is becoming increasingly popular to reconnect with nature, explore primitive skills, techniques and technology, have fun and enhance our survival skills. Whether you’re a bushcrafter, prepper, backpacker, camper, outdoors enthusiast, or just someone who wants to be more self-sufficient in the wilderness, Bushcraft has something to offer.

The History Of Bushcraft:

The practice of Bushcraft can be traced back to ancient times, as far back as history goes, to the dawn of our very existence when people had to rely on their own skills and the skills of the group and their resources to survive day to day, in the wilderness (everything back then was wilderness). Over time, these skills were refined and passed down from generation to generation, and have grown to include a wide range of techniques. Today, Bushcraft is still an important part of many cultures around the world, and is used for a variety of purposes, including fire lighting, cooking, housing, hunting, fishing, and foraging for food.

Essential Skills And Techniques Of Bushcraft:

Bushcraft is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of skills and techniques. These are widely accepted as the core skills, or the most essential skills, the basics of bushcraft :

1: Fire-building:

Learning how to start and maintain a fire using different methods, such as using a firesteel, flint and steel, tinder and spark or the bow drill method.

2: Shelter Building:

Knowing how to build a shelter for protection from the elements. This can include building a shelter from natural materials such as branches and leaves, or using a tarp or other man-made materials.

3: Navigation:

Understanding how to navigate in the wilderness using a map, compass, and other tools. This can include learning how to read a topographic map, use a compass, and navigate using the stars.

4: Foraging and trapping:

Knowing how to find and harvest wild plants and animals for food. This can include learning how to identify edible plants, catch fish, and set traps for small game and how to cook them.

5: First aid:

Knowing how to provide basic medical care in the wilderness. This can include learning how to treat common injuries and illnesses, and knowing how to use basic first aid supplies.

6: Finding And Securing Safe Water:

 Knowing how to find water, identify safe water and when needed how to purify for safe consumption. This can include learning how to find, contain and treat water.

7: Use Of Tools including Knots:

Knowing how to manipulate everyday items into useful tools for hunting and constructing a shelter is a key skill. Knowing how to effectively use a knife or an axe is essential, yet the capacity to craft makeshift tools with the resources at hand is even more impressive.

How to get started with Bushcraft:

If you’re interested in learning Bushcraft, there are a few things you can do to get started:

  1. Learn the basics: Start by learning the essential skills and techniques of Bushcraft. This can include the seven above. We have a detailed article on each, just click the links above.
  2. Get the right equipment: Invest in the right equipment, such as a good quality knife, a compass, a map, and a good quality camping shelter. Gear suggestions are included in each of the guides.
  3. Take a course: Sign up for a beginner’s course in Bushcraft. An introduction to bushcraft course will give your hands-on experience and guidance from experienced instructors. There is nothing better than learning from an experienced bushcraft leader.
  4. Practice: Practice the skills you learn in a safe and controlled environment. This will help you to build your confidence and improve your skills. Practice makes perfect.
  5. Go on an overnight bushcraft trip: Plan a trip into a nearby woodland area and put your skills to the test. This will give you a chance to see how well you can apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting.
  6. Watch lots of YouTube videos, find the best UK Bushcraft YouTubers here.

Conclusion Of What Is Bushcraft?:

Bushcraft is a set of wilderness survival skills and techniques that have been developed over thousands of years. It can help you to reconnect with nature and enhance your real world survival skills. Whether you’re a backpacker, camper, prepper or just someone who wants to be more self-sufficient in the wilderness, Bushcraft has something to offer. By learning the basics, getting the right equipment, taking a course, practicing, and going on a bush crafters trip, you can start your journey into the world of Bushcraft today.

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