Bushcraft YouTubers UK 

YouTube university is a great place to find experienced bush crafters doing their thing. In this list of the Best Bushcraft YouTubers UK, we will present to you some of the best the UK’s bushcraft and survival community has to offer. Channels dedicated to wilderness survival, bushcraft skills, outdoors, camping, tarping, fire making, outdoor cooking, primitive technology and more. If your looking to go down the bushcraft YouTube channel rabbit hole, if you love David Canterbury, Ray Mears, the Bush Tuker man etc and your looking for other cool bushcrafters to watch, then you have found the right place. So make sure you head on over to their channels and hit the subscribe button.

1: Wooly’s World


Lots of great content from long term reviews, to practical how tos, top 5 lists to fun and inspirations videos.

Popular Videos From Wooly’s World

Is This The Best Winter Work Jacket Ever Made? 

Carhartt Bartlett.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw. 

Dremel chainsaw sharpener

2: East Anglian Bushcraft


Veteran British Sniper trying to spread positivity, Wild Camping And Bushcraft.

Popular Videos From East Anglian Bushcraft

Camping on a roundabout next to a Police Station.

UK Solo Canoe Camp Under An Old Bridge

3: TA Outdoors


He is Mike Pullen, and he loves the outdoors. This channel is about learning new skills and keeping the knowledge of our ancestors alive. Bushcraft, Survival, Building, Wild Camping, Wilderness Camping Trips, Solo Bushcraft Trips, Woodworking, Crafting, Fishing, Hunting, Ancient Historical Building, DIY projects. 

Popular Videos From TA Outdoors

Building a Cabin from Pallet Wood: 

Cheap Off Grid Homestead

Building a Medieval House | 

10 Day Bushcraft Shelter Build

4: Ash Outdoors UK


Ash is a huge love for the outdoors, wild camping, bike packing, bushcraft, wild swimming, paddle boarding, health and fitness and cooking on my Bushbox and an open campfire. Join him as he document his adventures to share with everyone

Popular Videos From Ash Outdoors UK


WILD CAMPING in HEAVY RAIN & WIND / Wild Camping at Cadair Idris, Snowdonia / ZPACKS ALTAPLEX

5: Hidden Valley Bushcraft


British Royal Marine Commando, he is a full time Bushcraft Instructor, Ethnobotanist and outdoor chef. The channel focuses on wilderness living skills, traditional crafts, and are strong advocates of using nature to improve mental well-being.

Popular Videos From Hidden Valley Bushcraft

Top 10 Poisonous Plants in the UK | THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Ex Royal Marine shares 3 of The BEST Tarp setups |TARPOLOGY

6: Kent Survival


A channel of many video types mainly centred around the outdoors, uploads every Wednesday & sometimes Sundays too. Bushcraft, Survival, Camping, Reviews, History, Rations, Cooking, Tutorials and much more.

Popular Videos From Kent Survival

Biggest Bushcraft Breakfast cooked on a Rock in the Rain

Can you cook a Burger on a hot Rock?

7: Oscar Outdoors


O.S.C.A.R, Outdoor, Survival, Camping, Activities, Reviews. Scott is a keen Lover of all things outdoors, camping, hiking, watersports etc. He has a passion for reviewing gear, clothing, tents, hammocks and other equipment such as stoves, torches, boots etc.

Popular Videos From Oscar Outdoors

I Was Doing It Wrong | Correct way to utilise MOLLE and Pals Systems

Storm Ciara Urban Stealth Camp in 70 MPH Wind and Rain | Snugpak Set up

8: Outdoor Basics


A channel dedicated to all things survival and bush craft. Run by ex military Scottish chap named Stuart.

Popular Videos From Outdoor Basics

British Military Goretex Bivvy Bag vs Snugpack Special Forces Bivvy Bag!

Helikon Tex Pilgram Anorak Jacket – #OutdoorBasics Initial Thoughts

9: Paul Kirtley


Bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor safety with professional instructor Paul Kirtley.

Popular Videos From Paul Kirtley

British Military Goretex Bivvy Bag vs Snugpack Special Forces Bivvy Bag!

Helikon Tex Pilgram Anorak Jacket – #OutdoorBasics Initial Thoughts

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