Lomo Tri X Swimming Gloves Review

Looking for a pair of practical swim gloves that deliver warmth at an affordable price point? Looking for a swim gloves reviews? Then you are in the right place at bestoutdoors.co.uk . In this Lomo tri x swimming gloves review, I plan to ascertain if the Lomo Tri X is an effective swimming glove worthy of your hard-earned money.

Who Are Lomo Watersport?

Lomo is a watersports company out of Glasgow, Scotland. I had not heard of them directly, but I had seen several of their tow floats at swimming events. According to their website, they have now been manufacturing watersports kit for nearly twenty years. They have a direct to consumer business model, which is how they keep prices low.

What is a swimming glove?

Swimming gloves come in a variety of options. Essentially, most swimmers who use a swimming glove are using them to protect their hands from the cold. This could be because of several reasons, from poor circulation, sensitivity to the cold, to winter swimming and a preference to swim in large, deep lakes and lochs that are generally colder than shallow rivers.

Technologies of the Lomo Tri X Swimming Gloves?

Surprisingly the Lomo Tri X Gloves are packed with the best technology and manufacturing techniques, considering the price point. These Lomo swimming gloves are not their first attempt! It is rare to find gloves at this price with blind stitching, glued seams, liquid sealant and a gasket. So Yes, the Lomo gloves on paper have all the technology you would expect from a glove twice its price. In fact, in our Best Swimming Gloves article, you can see this.

3mm Neoprene

Lomo use a sturdy and stretchy 3mm neoprene for these swim gloves. A great thickness for keeping hands toasty and warm. Neoprene as a material is also completely waterproof.

Blind stitching

The needle does not penetrate all the way through the neoprene gloves, therefore eliminating water seeping via the stitching.

Glued seams

Neoprene seams are glued to eliminate water ingress.

Liquid sealant

An extra layer of glue like substance to further seal the seams.

A gasket.

Other than the stitching, the main area of water ingress is the wrist opening. A tight gasket here reduces the opportunity for water to enter via the wrist cuff.

Are these Tri x Lomo Gloves popular? Any reviews?

180 plus on Feefo averaging 4.8/5 and 90 on Amazon.co.uk averaging 4.5/5 that is some excellent reviews. All in all, the reviews are positive.

“I suffer from Raynauds disease which means the tips of my fingers + toes get extremely cold in open water. A friend recommend these gloves and I have just completed a 6 km river swim and my hands didn’t feel cold at all. Wonderful ” Amazon.

“I wore mine throughout the winter swimming, hubby as taken up swimming, so we got him a pair and these are superb” Feefo.

Where can I buy Lomo Tri X Gloves?

Lomo has a store on Amazon.co.uk, where you can buy direct from them.


Lomo Tri X Gloves £22 from Amazon UK

In Conclusion

We swam at a local spot, it was cold, nothing we are not accustomed to. The Lomo Tri X Gloves were tight fighting, had to wrestle with them to get them on. However, the water ingress was minimal, and my hands were warm throughout the swim and after. Some of the best Amazon swim gloves I have ever worn.  10/10 from us at Bestoutdoors.co.uk


Lomo Swimming and Triathlon Gloves

Lomo swimming and triathlon gloves (Lomo Tri X ) are designed to keep your hands warm in the water while you swim. They are made of a neoprene material that is glued together at the seams. They are ideal for winter swimmers or for those who swim in cold water. The gloves have a textured surface that helps you feel for the water as you swim and can be worn with or without a wetsuit.

Thermal Cold Water Swimming Gear

Swimming in cold water can be a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it’s important to have the right gear. A wetsuit or thermal swimsuit will help you stay warm in colder water, and neoprene gloves and boots can also help keep you warm. When swimming in open water, it’s also a good idea to wear a hat or hood to protect your head from the colder water. Check out our full Wild Swimming Gear Guide

Neoprene Swim Gloves

Neoprene swim gloves are a type of glove made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber material. They are often used in swimming, as they provide thermal insulation and can help to protect the hands from cold water. Neoprene swim gloves are available in different thicknesses to provide different levels of warmth. Lomo Watersport is a brand that makes neoprene swim gloves, and their 3mm neoprene gloves are designed for open water swimming in cold water.

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Are they flexible enough to swim in?

Yes, the 3mm neoprene used in these Lomo Swim gloves is both flexible and warm and perfect for swimming in.

Want to keep your hands warm while swimming in cold open water?

If you want to keep your hands warm while swimming in cold open water, you can buy a pair of neoprene gloves. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is used in wetsuits and other clothing designed to keep you warm in cold water.

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