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Wild swimming is a rare activity, in that there are many larger, curvier women taking part in the activity. We at love this, as the outdoors is for everyone and every body, tall, athletic, curvy, fat, thin, abled, disabled and more. This is why we have written the Best Plus Size Women’s Wetsuits article that covers the best plus size wetsuits the UK has to offer.

The problem that has arisen from this new passion for wild swimming from outside the ‘normal’ traditional triathlon physique is a distinct lack of wetsuit availability for larger women from the main brands that supply triathletes. Most well-known wetsuit brands have been catering to athletic figures for most of their business life, now with the emergence of a strong voice for change, most of these large brands are struggling to change. For example, the classic large female wet suit only grows in width as it grows in height, so an XXL, XXXL or 5XL may be great for a large tall body shape but of no use to someone Five Foot Three Inch (5,3″) tall or someone (5,6″) five foot six inch tall with width, i.e there is not a lot of options for big gals with curves or short girls with curves! This is the typical sizing employed by companies like Yonda, Orca, Zone 3, BlueSeventy, Aquasphere, Head, ONeil and more.  However, it is changing.

A few brands have stood out from the crowd and can be seen worn by many larger women across social media. One of these is Lomo Watersport. We have covered a few of Lomos products here at including their gloves, tow floats and dry bags. It seems they are a small agile company with their finger on the pulse. That pulse being real-world body shapes and reasonable prices! and yes they make wetsuits for larger ladies!

Lomo Watersport currently offers a few female wetsuits in sizes up to 32, that is a serious range of sizes including short wide (short and curvy), medium wide (medium and curvy) and tall wide sizing!( tall and curvy). Lomo now has the largest range of plus size wetsuits in the UK for openwater swimmers. The main question is if this small company from Glasgow, Scotland can offer inclusive wetsuit sizes for the larger lady, then why are the big brands unable to? Lomo really is breaking barriers for Inclusivity, let’s just hope the big players follow suit.

This increased sizing provides a wide range of benefits, including better comfort and protection for larger women and more body types as they embrace their passion. As well as increased confidence and passion.

Cover image from Laura Adlingtons Instagram, sporting a Lomo Prime Wet suit. In this article, we are only covering plus size full-length wetsuits. We do highlight some shorty wetsuits but no wetsuit jackets.


Lomo Nuotare Plus Size Wet Suit released in August 2023.

Lomo Watersport Nuotare Wetsuit is specifically for bigger girls who like to swim! The oddly named NUOTARE promises wider sizes in small, medium and tall. This wetsuit is built with extremely stretchy neoprene, making it more robust than their smooth skin Prime wetsuit. This swimming wetsuit covers all the standard sizes, as well as many you will not find any other brand doing, like the tall wide and small wide wetsuits. 


Lomo Prime – Smooth Skin Neoprene.

The Lomo Prime wetsuit has a similar plus sized range as the Lomo Nuotare (above) and the Lomo Arora (below) minus the Tall Wide options. The Lomo Prime is a wetsuit more geared towards serious wild swimming and Triathlon training. The neoprene is smoothskin, which is not as hard-wearing as a neoprene that is coated in nylon, but far better for gliding through the water in. The Lomo prime has a fantastic range of motion as well. Recommended for those big gals who are swimming regularly, speed and times are important or those who just want the best swimsuit for their body shape. (As modelled by Laura – British bake-off, in this photo)

This is one of the best plus size wetsuits in the UK with multiple plus sizes, including 22, size 24, size 26, plus size wetsuit uk size 28, size 30/32 in the UK.

Click the image below for plus sizes in the Lomo Prime via  Lomo’s Amazon shop

Laura-Adlington plus size Laura-Adlington plus size

Lomo Aurora – Best Plus Size Wetsuit UK.

This wetsuits has additional wide sizes across the small, medium and tall range, meaning it is possibly the most inclusively sized female plus size wetsuit in the UK. If you’re 5 foot 3 or 6 foot 1 they have up to a size 32 to fit.

The Lomo Aurora does not seem to be a swimming specific wetsuit. However, it looks like a good all round general wetsuits that would be perfect for non-competitive swimming. This is a 5mm wetsuit.

For limited sizes check Lomo’s Amazon – Click the image below.


For full range of sizes check Lomo Aurora on Lomos Website Here

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What is Plus Sized Clothing UK?

Determining a definitive size range for plus-size clothing has always been a subject of debate in the fashion industry. The starting size for plus-size collections among high street retailers is not universally agreed upon, as those who offer such collections may have a starting size range anywhere from 14 to 20.


Size Matters – A quarter of UK women now size 18 or above

New research from Mintel reveals that almost a quarter of women in the UK, equivalent to 6.2 million people, are plus-size and wear clothes in sizes 18 and over.

Mintel Source

What to look for when buying a plus size wetsuit?

When looking to buy a plus size wetsuit (wetsuits for curvy ladies UK), and wetsuits for curvy women, pay attention to the sizing chart. Most brands only offer taller wetsuits. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right size. Also, take a look at the neoprene material. It’s important to choose a wetsuit made with high-quality neoprene, as this will ensure it’s durable and will last a long time. However, for plus size womens wetsuits, a good stretchy neoprene is essential.

Why is a plus size wetsuit needed, anyway?

Wetsuits for larger women are needed because most brands currently do not cater for larger women who love wild swimming. Most brands have a limited range for big and tall women, however have no option for short and wide women. Most brands stop at size 16, fewer still go up to size 24 and beyond, most plus-size women will find it hard to find plus size swimwear. Curvy women make up a huge part of the outdoor swimmer and open swimming community, yet most brands still only cater to specific shapes and sizes, i.e those associated with athletic wetsuit dimensions. Plus sized neoprene wetsuits help to keep a person warm in water and allow participants to keep swimming into the autumn and winter months. Wetsuits should be of a tight fit, however, they should also fit correctly, so getting a suit that fits is key.

Finally, a Women’s Plus Size Wetsuit that Fits?

Many plus size women have been frustrated with the lack of wetsuits that fit them properly. Most wetsuits are either too snug, too tall, too thin or don’t come in their size full stop. But finally, there is a company that makes plus size wetsuits specifically for women with curves! These wetsuits are available in sizes up to 32, and they are designed to fit snugly around the curves. Check out Lomo On Amazon.

Guide to Buying a Large Size Wetsuits

Plus size wetsuits are available in many sizes. Buying a plus size wetsuit is easy if you know your measurements. Plus size wetsuits are made from neoprene, which is a stretchy material. Many plus size wetsuits for women have shorter arms and legs to accommodate curvy figures. Full wetsuits provide the most coverage and are available in 3mm thicknesses. A wetsuit might be necessary if you plan on swimming in cold water.

Where to Buy Plus Size Wetsuits for Women, UK 2023 Guide

There are a few places to buy plus size wetsuits for women in the UK. One is online at sites like Amazon or eBay. Another is at a physical store like Lomo Watersports in Glasgow.

Lomo Plus Sized UK wetsuits up to Size 32

Lomo Plus Sized UK wetsuits are designed for women and are available in sizes up to 32. These wetsuits are perfect for those who need a little extra coverage and want to stay comfortable in the water. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect suit for your needs.

Wetsuit Tips for Plus size Individuals

Wetsuits are made to keep you warm in cold water, but they can also be quite comfortable in warm water. Plus-size individuals may have a bit more difficulty finding a wetsuit that fits well, but there are a few tips that can help. First, pay attention to the size and thickness of the wetsuit. Plus-size individuals will need a wetsuit that is a bit larger and stretchier than average. Second, pay attention to the design of the wetsuit. Wetsuits with zippers tend to be easier to get into and provide a better fit. Finally, remember that you may need to try on several wetsuits before you find one that fits well.

The Most-Commonly Asked Plus Size Wetsuit Questions

Plus size wetsuits are designed to fit individuals who are bigger, wider and taller than average. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a plus size wetsuit. First, pay attention to the size chart. Some brands run small, so it’s important to check the size chart before you make a purchase. Second, consider the type of water sport you’ll be participating in. Some wetsuits are designed for specific activities, so make sure you choose one that’s right for your needs. Third, keep in mind that neoprene can shrink over time, so it’s important to choose a size that will allow your body to move freely. Finally, pay attention to the zipper and seam placement. Some plus size wetsuits have zip-up fronts, while others have full-zip fronts. Make sure you choose a design that will keep your body comfortable and dry.

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