Best motorcycle dry bag panniers and saddle bags

Investing in the best motorcycle dry bag panniers and saddle bags is a smart decision for any passionate adventure biker who wants to ensure their belongings are safe and dry while also looking stylish (possibly). Whether you’re planning a long trip or just need some extra storage space for your essentials, motorcycle panniers have got you covered. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of motorcycle panniers, the top brands available in the market, the different types of panniers, the importance of waterproofing, and the best options available in 2023.

Best Motorcycle Dry Bags and Panniers Available in 2023

Why Should You Invest in Motorcycle Panniers?

Convenience for Long Trips

One of the biggest advantages of investing in motorcycle luggage in the form of panniers is the convenience they offer during long trips to carry all of your kit on your motorbike. These bags allow you to carry all your essentials without worrying about space constraints or carrying extra luggage. Additionally, with panniers, you no longer have to worry about the discomfort of carrying a heavy backpack (However, if a motorcycle dry bag backpack is your thing, check out our recommendations). Panniers are a wonderful feature that allows you to saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Added Storage Capacity

Motorcycle panniers offer exceptional storage space that can be used to store a variety of items. Whether you’re carrying a change of clothes, your laptop, all of your camping gear and/or any other essentials, motorcycle panniers can easily handle all your storage requirements. With a pannier system, you have the best of both worlds, functionality, and style.

Protection from Weather Conditions

Another great feature of waterproof motorcycle panniers is that they provide protection from the harsh weather conditions such as rain, dust, and wind. This is especially important for riders who travel frequently here in the UK and are guaranteed to encounter unpredictable weather conditions, sometimes all on the same day. With waterproof panniers, you can keep the contents dry even in wet conditions.

Pannier Racks

Most soft panniers do not require a pannier rack, soft motorcycle panniers can be slung over the back and some come with an integrated molle system. However, most also work with pannier racks, allowing you more control over the mounting and securing options.

Top Brands for Motorcycle Panniers


Lomo offers a wide range of high-quality motorcycle panniers that are designed to provide the best protection against water damage. Their panniers are some of the best in the market and come in different sizes to suit all riders. For motorcyclists looking for best deals, Lomo is a great option.


Givi is a well-known brand in the motorcycle accessories industry and for a good reason. They offer a great variety of panniers that are designed to be practical and functional, while also being waterproof. Among their best motorcycle saddlebags available are the Givi GRT709 Panniers, which are highly recommended for riders who need a high-quality saddlebag.

Types of Motorcycle Panniers, Saddlebags & Soft Luggage

Motorcycle Dry Bags

Dry bags are designed to be completely waterproof and protect your essentials from getting wet during a ride. They are usually made from high-quality watertight materials and feature RF (Radio Frequency) welded seams to prevent leakage. These bags come in various sizes with simple mounting options and are an excellent option for riders who frequently travel in wet climates, i.e. here in the UK. The opening is secured with a roll top enclosure or a waterproof zip.

Motorcycle Soft Panniers

Soft panniers are made from soft, pliable materials (TPU, Trarpolaein, Cordura) and are often referred to as soft luggage or soft bags. They are the alternative to the heavier, harder and massively more expensive hard pannier option.  However, soft panniers are more lightweight and easier to manoeuvre than hard panniers, making them excellent for all sorts of adventures and suitable for both short trips and long trips. These are throwover side bags.

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Saddlebags are perhaps the most traditional-looking motorcycle panniers, and the term most associated with and used when describing panniers. They are designed to be attached to either side of the motorcycle’s saddle and offer adequate storage space. Waterproof saddlebags are great for riders who prefer the classic look and have a pillion seat for fastening.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Motorcycle Panniers

Welded Seams

Panniers with welded seams offer better protection against water damage. They are also more durable and long-lasting. The seams are melted together, forming an airtight seal that keeps your gear dry. Hard panniers, soft panniers, and dry bags can be welded seam sealed, making them fully waterproof.

Material Quality

Investing in panniers made from high-quality materials is essential for their longevity and effectiveness. Panniers made from durable materials, such as nylon or PVC, last longer and offer better protection against wear and tear.

Overall Durability

Riders must opt for panniers that are durable and long-lasting. This is to ensure that their belongings are protected against any damage during a ride. Prolonged exposure to the elements, as well as regular use, can result in wear and tear. Therefore, investing in high-quality motorcycle panniers ensures that your gear remains safe and dry during the ride.

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