Gifts For Wild Swimmers And Wild Swimming 2024

Best gifts for wild swimmers

Are you looking for the best gifts, for the wild swimming enthusiast in your life? Then look no further. This list of the best gifts for wild swimmers is short, sweet, and straight to the point. For even more wild swimming gear, check out our complete outdoor swimming gear guide. OK, let’s get into it. Time is precious and you have some gifts for sea swimmers to buy.

This is a guide for sea swimming gifts, wild swimming gifts for simplicity and speed, I am going to give you the top five best gifts for open water swimmers in your life.

The five best gifts for wild swimmers and sea swimmers.

1: Swimming Robe

Changing robes are super popular at the moment. If you wild swim here in the UK, and you don’t have a swim robe, then you are missing out on both a fashion item and a great bit of kit to help you get warm after the swim. A changing robe or dry robe is like a large outdoor jacket, that is used both before and after swimming. Dryrobes protect you from the weather, be it rain, wind or cold when you exit the water, while you change into or out of your clothes. The main thing to consider when picking a changing robe is, is it large enough to change in? Does it have a good zip? Does it have a warm fleece lined interior and a waterproof exterior? Any outdoor swimmer would be thankful for a changing robe as a gift.


2: Dry Bag

Dry bags are a great piece of watersports kit to buy any wild swimmer, novice, or expert. These bags are great for transporting dry clothes or swim kit to the swim and transporting wet kit away from the swim. They are also great for waterproofing key items for taking with you on the swim. Even though most good tow floats have an internal dry bag compartment, I would always recommend double bagging key items, like car keys, etc.

Dry bags come in many styles from large holdall drybags (40 to 100 Litres), rucksack dry bags (10 to 60 Litres), and smaller standalone dry bags and ultralight drybags ranging from 1 to 20 litres. Dry bags are an essential item in every outdoor swimmer’s kit and one of top gifts for swimmers that will not go unused.

3: A Swimming Watch

Watches are great for wild swimmers, and can play a key part in any open water swim. From tracking the swim, swim strokes to assisting in making your swimming better. These wrist computers are great for timing your swim as well as setting alarms, to notify you of how long you have been in the water etc. They can also relay your notifications from your phone, which is double bagged in your tow float. Expensive and at the top end in terms of price for swimming gifts, but an all round brilliant piece of kit and very worthy present for swimmers , a gift that all open water swimming enthusiasts will cherish.

4: Tow Float

A tow float is simple a device designed to improve your visibility as a wild swimmer. These devices now come in a variety of designs. The best bags have two air chambers for redundancy (if one pops the other will keep the device afloat) and a bright coloured exterior for maximum visibility. Buying a black tow float is stupid. Finally, there are many varieties now available on the market, tow floats with lights, mesh pouches, flags, rucksack straps and more. Every wild swimmer should swim with one, increasing visibility, increases safety and having the ability to take key items on the swim with you is invaluable. Perfect wild swimmer gift and all round one of the most important and best gifts for swimmers.

5: Changing Mat

Stoney beach, sandy beach, slippy algae covered river side, cold rock, wet rock etc wherever your getting changed protect your feet from the elements with a changing mat. A simple barrier between your feet and the ground, especially important in winter swimming when cold feet are less able to perceive injury from sharp objects, etc. Another great gift idea for the wild sea swimming, cold open water swimmer in your life.

I hope you have enjoyed this best gifts for wild swimmers guide, please feel free to share and check out our other articles and guides. If you did not find the perfect outdoor swimming gifts, check out our other articles on swimming, we have lots and within them you’re sure to find the best presents for swimmers. All our articles are under the menu above.

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Enjoy your adventures.

Team Best outdoors.

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