Gorilla Robe Review

One of Many Dryrobe Alternatives

Read our gorilla robe review and see if it is the waterproof, recycled, eco-friendly changing robe you are looking for. Are you ready to revolutionize your post-water adventure routine? Say goodbye to shivering in the cold after your cold-water swims or paddle-boarding sessions, kayak adventures with the game-changing Gorilla Robe! Everyone has heard of DryRobe but did you know there are hundreds of quality alternatives now? Gorilla Robes are fast making a name for themselves, let’s see why.

Why Settle for Less? The Gorilla Robe Advantage:

  • Price that Won’t Break the Bank: Priced at just ¬£79.95, the Gorilla Robe offers great value without compromising on quality.

  • Local and Eco-Friendly: Proudly designed in Emsworth, West Sussex, Gorilla Robes are committed to sustainability, using 100% recycled materials. Be eco-conscious without sacrificing performance!

  • Innovative 2-Way Side Zip: Unzip from the bottom for extra room and convenience while changing. Need access without fully undressing? The top-down option has you covered!

  • Large Zipped Pocket Design: No more struggling with small pockets. Fleece-lined pockets keep your hands and valuables cozy.

  • Sherpa Fleece Lining: Experience unmatched comfort with a soft, thick, and super absorbent inner lining that dries you off in no time.

  • Large Easy Zip : Access is made easy with a full-length front zip.

  • Weather-Defying Features: Drawstring hood and velcro wrist adjusters keep wind and rain at bay. Stay comfortable and snug with Gorilla Robe’s superior protection. 100% waterproof and windproof

  • 12-Month Guarantee: Confidence in every purchase! Gorilla Robe offers a 12-month guarantee and hassle-free returns, making your satisfaction a top priority.

Gorilla Robe vs. the Rest:

Gorilla Robe vs. Dryrobe: While Dryrobe is the household brand name, the Gorilla Robe takes the edge on price, as the ultimate changing robe. With high-quality manufacturing, a nice practical design, and an affordable price tag, the Gorilla Robe is the clear alternative for dedicated wet gear changing.

Ready to elevate your changing game? Don’t settle for the ordinary, choose the extraordinary Gorilla Robe!

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