How To Wash A Wetsuit?

How to wash a wetsuit? Is actually a very common question. To be fair, most people do not have a vast collection of neoprene garments in their collection, and after paying good money for a specialist wetsuit, you should consider how best to care for it. So let us here at answer the question once and for all. How do you wash a wetsuit?

First off, I have worked for many commercial outdoor and adventure companies and their preferred method is the classic large dunk tank with Milton. However, this is due to the commercial aspect of the use case, i.e. multiple users of the wet suit and therefore needing a solution to neutralise germs, sweat, grime etc. For most wetsuit users, a simple hot water rinse is all that is needed. This can be done in the shower after your swim or kayak session.

What Do You Wash A Wetsuit With?

So to clarify, if it is your own wetsuit and you have been out in the local river or sea wild swimming, the best option is to wash your wetsuit in warm water as soon as possible. Simply use your shower, bathtub, or outside hose. Rinsing off any debris like sweat, salt, sand, grit, dirt, etc. If you have been swimming in a rather nasty location, through contaminated water after high water, or you had to relieve yourself mid-swim (Yes peeing in your wetsuit is a thing) or your wetsuit smells, then use Milton. Milton is essentially a mild bleach which will sterilise any bacteria, etc and neutralise any odours being generated by them. After washing with Milton, which is just a case of adding the correct amount to a bucket (following manufacturers’ guidelines) diluted with water and then submerging your wetsuit in it. After, rinse the wetsuit with clean water.

After I wash my wetsuit, what should I do with my wetsuit?

We want to give it a good shake to remove any excess water, then we would look to hang up the wetsuit. If you have a wet room, perfect if not, hang it over your bath or if it is a nice day outside. Leave your wetsuit out to dry out. And that is it, there is not a lot more to wetsuit care. Keep your wetsuit in tip-top condition by washing it regularly, drying it thoroughly and generally treating it like any other piece of kit you have. Maintain it and it will last you for years. NOTE: Do not leave your wetsuit, wet and dirty, in a bag in the corner for a month. You will not like the results!

Some commonly asked questions.

Why should I wash my wetsuit?

Wetsuits are made of neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber. Washing your wetsuit will help to remove any sweat or dirt that may be on the suit. It is important to clean your wetsuit thoroughly after each use to prevent the suit from smelling bad.

Does your wetsuit smell?

If your wetsuit smells bad, don’t worry – it’s easy to fix! First, take it off the hanger and give it a good rinse in fresh water. Then, wash your wetsuit in a tub with some Milton or if you do not have access to it, some baby shampoo or gentle detergent. Be sure to rinse your wetsuit thoroughly afterwards. Finally, hang your wetsuit up to dry in a clean, dry place. Don’t forget to fold it up neatly so it doesn’t get creased! With a little bit of care, your wetsuit will smell like new in no time!

Can u wash a wetsuit?

Yes, you can wash a wetsuit. Just be sure to use a mild soap and avoid scrubbing the neoprene, as this can damage the material. Rinse the wetsuit thoroughly after washing to remove all traces of soap.

Mobile wetsuit washing solutions?

Grab a large dry bag, 100L add a litre of water and use this as a makeshift washing machine to rinse your wetsuit on the go. Perfect when you’re out camping etc.

How Does A Wetsuit Work?

Check out our full article on how a wetsuit works.


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