Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter Review

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world of the Milerd HiStand Dosimeter—a pocket-sized superhero in the battle against radiation. Whether you’re an outdoor explorer, a radiation-safety buff, or just a curious cat, this little gadget has some surprises up its sleeve. So, buckle up, because we’re about to uncover its secrets and see if it’s the real deal or just another gadget trying to be cool. Stick around for the lowdown!  #MilerdHiStandReview

Welcome to BestOutdoors. As stated, today we are going to be reviewing the Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter. The Milred HiStand portable dosimeter is for everyone interested in measuring ionising radiation. The dosimeter is perfect for outdoor use because of its durable design and exact functionality. It’s ideal for Preppers, Survivalists, Bushcrafters, and anyone who needs to measure radiation levels outside. The Milerd Geiger Counter is a portable device that can detect and measure radiation levels in any environment. It has a rugged construction, is water and shockproof, and comes with a built-in solar panel for extending the battery in the field. Its accurate measurement capabilities make it reliable in any conditions. Read on for the full Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter Review.

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Why Would You Want A Personal Geiger Counter?

Good question and its really is simple, just say you find yourself in an environment where radiation exposure is a concern, it is crucial to have personal safety instruments like the Milred HiStand portable dosimeter that can detect the risk and alert you accordingly. Perfect for first responders, international rescue crews, mountain rescue, cavers, law enforcement, fire crews, survivalists, government officials, scientists and more. A Geiger counter will be used by anyone who needs a radiation detector to locate illicit radiation sources.

Efficient and Reliable Dosimeter

One of the things we love about the Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter as a handheld device is that it operates on a rechargeable battery (Universal USB-C), which can be topped up in the field via its built-in solar panel. Active use of the battery can be run successfully for up to 720 hrs! You can extend it indefinitely with the built-in solar panel. This makes the Milred Geiger counter highly reliable when you’re out and about. 

The team at Milred have thought of almost everything; the lanyard houses a USB cable, so you can charge it wherever you go. The rugged design of this device allows you to travel and explore without worrying about weather changes or drops while measuring the environment. This would be especially handy for rescue crews, looking for survivors in rubble etc. 

This device is for anyone who wants to measure ionising radiation. It doesn’t matter if you work in the field or just want to know the radiation levels around you. This dosimeter is lightweight and easy to operate, making it suitable for both personal use and professional applications.

Measuring ionising radiation is essential to ensure that you are not exposed to harmful levels of radiation. The Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter measures in CPM /µR/h / µSv/h and can continuously measure radiation levels. It is a highly sensitive device that can detect even the slightest increase in radiation. With its multifunctional features, it provides valuable insight into radiation dose and helps analyse the accumulated exposure over time.

Advanced Features and Operation

The Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter is equipped with advanced features that ensure accurate and reliable measurement of radiation. It has a built-in detector that can quickly and effectively measure ionising radiation. The device is activated by simply switching it on and starts measuring the radiation levels in the surrounding environment.

One of the key features of this dosimeter is its ability to accumulate the radiation dose over a period of time. (Does per day and Dose over 30 days). This helps you understand how much radiation you have been exposed to. It allows you to take necessary precautions if the exposure is too high.

Accumulated Dose Per Day

Discover the maximum background radiation level and the total radiation exposure for a specific day.

Accumulated Dose Over 30 Days.

For better environmental monitoring, the Milerd Highstand also showcases the total radiation dose accumulated in the last 30 days.

A Portable and Convenient Geiger Counter

The Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter is designed to be compact, lightweight, wearable (via the included snaphook) making it highly portable. It can be easily carried in a backpack (interior pocket or hung on the exterior), trouser pocket, purse, man bag etc allowing users to measure radiation levels on the go. The device is powered by a long-lasting battery which is topped up by solar in the field, providing continuous operation.

In addition to its portable design, the dosimeter is also user-friendly. It has a clear display that shows real-time radiation measurements, allowing users to monitor the radiation levels at a glance. The device also comes with detailed instructions, ensuring that users can easily operate and interpret the measurement readings.

Key Benefits for Outdoors Enthusiasts:

  • Radiation Detection: Stay safe in the great outdoors by detecting radiation contamination in items and areas, ensuring your well-being during your adventures.

  • Waterproof and Shockproof: With robust protection against moisture and impacts, this device can withstand the rigours of outdoor activities.

  • Solar-Powered: The integrated solar panel provides extended usage without worrying about battery life, perfect for long outdoor trips.

  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy up to 720 hours of active use or unlimited hours with solar panel charging, allowing for prolonged outdoor excursions.

  • Accumulated Dose Monitoring: Keep track of radiation exposure with daily and monthly accumulated dose monitoring, ensuring a safe and informed outdoor experience.

  • The small and lightweight design: allows you to easily carry it in your pocket or purse, so you can take it anywhere during your outdoor adventures.

Real World Use

This section will be updated as I explore more with the Geiger Counter. I find it super curious to measure the background radiation of the places I frequent most. Particular forests, beaches, and mountains have been surprising to measure. The Mierd Dosimeter is lightweight, compact and easy to travel with. I slip mine in the exterior pouch of my backpack for easy access. My backpack is waterproof, but if yours is not you can still be confident. I have dropped the Geiger counter a few times, once from over two metres as I scrambled up a cliff side. However, it did not affect it. All in all, the portability, long battery life and environmental proof design make this and easy choice for real world measurements.


In conclusion, the Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter is a reliable and efficient device for measuring ionising radiation. Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient for personal use. This dosimeter accurately measures radiation levels and provides valuable insights to ensure individual safety in different environments.

The Milerd HiStand Portable Dosimeter is essential for environmentalists, radiation professionals, and anyone worried about the effects of radiation on health.It allows you to monitor radiation levels and take necessary precautions to minimise exposure. Stay informed and stay safe with this innovative dosimeter.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Milerd HiStand Dosimeter! Stay safe, explore worry-free, and monitor radiation exposure like never before. Don’t miss out on this essential outdoor companion. Take control of your safety—get yours now!

Check out Milerd HiStand Personal Dosimeter page here.

Milerd HiStand Personal Dosimeter Summary

Introducing the Milerd HiStand Dosimeter: Your Radiation Safety Companion

Price: £199.30

The Milerd HiStand Dosimeter is a personal Geiger counter that helps keep you safe by detecting radiation contamination in items and areas with high background radiation levels. With continuous radiation monitoring and alerts, this compact device offers multifunctionality in a sleek, shockproof, and waterproof housing.

Milerd Personal Geiger Counter Key Features:

1. Waterproof and Shockproof

  • Don’t fret about moisture or accidental drops; this dosimeter is built to withstand it all. Its high degree of sealing ensures protection against moisture, while the sturdy case with a silicone edge safeguards against bumps and falls.

2. Solar Power for Extended Use

  • Thanks to its integrated solar panel, the Milerd HiStand operates in autonomous mode for an extended period. Even if the primary battery is depleted, it continues to measure radiation levels and alerts you when thresholds are breached.

3. Impressive Battery Life

  • Experience up to 720 hours of battery life during active use with the display on. For continuous autonomous operation under normal conditions, rely on the solar panel for unlimited hours of use.

4. Accumulated Dose Monitoring

  • Keep track of your daily radiation dose and set limit values with time averaging. The dosimeter keeps a record of measurements for 30 days. You can check the highest radiation values and total doses for specific days or months.

5. Detailed Daily and 30-Day Statistics

  • The dosimeter provides a comprehensive daily statistics window, displaying data collected for each day, including peak background radiation values and accumulated daily doses. Additionally, it presents the accumulated radiation dose over the past 30 days for closer environmental monitoring.

6. Compact and Wearable

  • The Milerd HiStand is a small and lightweight wearable radiation safety device. It measures only 150x30x22 mm and weighs just 60g, making it easy to fit into your pocket or small purse. It is perfect for everyday use.

Milerd Dosimeter Package Contents:

  • HiStand Dosimeter

  • Snap Hook

  • USB Type-C Cable

  • User Manual

Milerd Dosimeter Specifications:

  • Display: Colour LCD

  • Units: CPM / µR/h / µSv/h

  • Waterproof: Yes

  • Shockproof: Yes

  • Power Supply: USB Type-C 5V/1A

  • Battery: 400 mAh, 3.7 V, LiPo

  • Battery Life: Up to 30 days without solar panel, unlimited hours when recharging from the solar panel

  • Size: 150x30x22 mm

milerd geiger counter

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