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Picture this, you have just returned from a wild swim or family camping trip, it is cold outside and it’s time for you to get snug, snug as a bug. So you grab your hoodie and a blanket and jump on the couch. But what if you could just grab an oversized blanket hoodie with a soft Sherpa fleece liner, yip an Oodie. Once you Oodie you will never go back. 

The Original – Oodie

Oodie is the original big brand of oversized hoodies to keep you warm and snug. We assume you have heard of the original Oodie brand? It’s a really popular brand of hooded blankets that you can wear, yip they are essentially like a large oversized hoodie offering the convenience of a hoodie (hood, kangaroo pocket), they’re super luxurious and cosy, perfect for snuggling up in. Basically, it’s like a hoodie and a blanket all rolled into one. Perfect for staying warm and comfy in the colder months (late autumn, winter and early spring)  or whenever you need some extra comfort (after a morning of wild swimming, dipping in the ice bath, riding your motorbike in the driving rain etc). Oodies are popular because they’re the biggest brand in the game, they pride themselves on being made with high-quality materials and have many variations and dare I say, some cool designs. However, they’re a bit pricier than other hooded blankets out there, hence why we wrote this article on Oodie alternatives. There are many alternatives to the classic Oodie now available. 

Note: Oodies are perfect for camping, giving you that extra level of comfort in the evening and heat during the cooler nights outdoors.

Why Are Original Oodies So much more Expensive?

As mentioned earlier the main reason is that they have established the name, the brand that is synonymous with all Oodies, like Hover, Rollerblade, and DryRobe. When you think large oversized hoodie blanket you think Oodie. This gives them an advantage in marketing and allows them to charge more. There could be an argument that they use the best materials, and have the best craftsmanship but in today’s competitive market that is not true. Some of the alternatives are just as plush, just as comfortable, just as snug. 

How to care for your Oodie

The Ooodie is just like any other garment, the first thing to do is read the manufacturer’s recommendations. But in general, they are machine washable, usually at a colder temp, with your standard washing powder. We like to use some Lenour beads (or an alternative brand) to get is smelling magical. Then hand them to dry. When dry give it a few big shakes to fluff it up and you are good to go. 

Oodie Alternatives.

The main things that the oddie alternatives offer are variations in length, colours, patterns, and materials. At the end of the day each is offering a large hoodie comfort blanket that will keep you toasty on the coldest nights. This is extremely helpful in these chaotic times, cost of living crisis, energy price hikes etc. Keeping warm has never cost so much, so grabbing a super soft, super warm Oodie for dark winter evenings  (and cold days working from home) is a must. Keeping snug in one may help reduce your energy bills and help you stay warmer for longer without putting the heating on. 

Things to Look for in your oversized blanket hoodie

Length:  We like our Oodie alternatives long, down below the knees, to the ankles if possible, like a dressing gown. but length is a preference and there are many options.

Colours: Pinks, blues, creams, pastels, there are many colour options today, mainly in lighter, brighter colours, so the options is yours.

Patterns: Yip, patterns, cow hides, zebra skins, etc, there really is no limits to the crazy patterns. 

Pockets: The main pocket is the Kangaroo Pocket, a large front pocket compartment or pouch to keep your hands snug.

Materials: Sherpa fleece, Shu Velvetan, Microfibre and more. Rest assured they are all super plush and comfortable. 

Quality: The competition is too high for low-quality garments. All our recommendations are of good quality. 

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