The Twisttrail is a stainless -steel thermos flask with a side handle making it easier  to use and hold , it also has a very useful leakproof lid which doubles as a cup  

The Swivelsip is also a stainless-steel flask with a wide mouth for ease of use and  retractable straw to maintain the streamline look after use. 

The Twistpath is a straight thermos with a leakproof lid the can be used as a cup  and is also made from stainless-steel  

All the flasks are made from 18/8 medical -grade stainless steel, which is built to last  a lifetime. It is also safe and BPA-Free ensuring no harmful chemicals leach into hot  or cold beverages. The flasks have double sided wall insulation keeping beverages  hot or cold and are the perfect companion for all adventures – big or small  

The flasks are Dishwasher Safe & Tough and are the perfect companion for long  and short road trips, long and short treks & hikes and durable enough for big  mountain days out where a hot drink could save the day.  

SUPER SPARROW PREMIUM GUARANTEE – Super Sparrow – where hydration  and style meet and embrace sustainability, 

RRP – Twisttrail £36 Twistpath £28 Swivelsip £20  

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—>>> Check out our full review of the Super Sparrow Stainless Steel Flask 

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