Oboz Whakata

Adventure. Recover. Chill. Repeat. 

Any good adventure incorporates time to recover and chill, both of which are key  ingredients to doing it again tomorrow. In fact, the term “Whakatā” (pronounced fah cah-TAAH) is Māori for “to catch breath, rest, have a break.” 

The Whakata Ease is a slide-in sandal with lots of breathable stretch mesh and  webbing for ventilated cruising. Its bio-based EVA footbed, made from 20%  sugarcane (a renewable resource) provides all-day comfort, while a stretch binding  over the arch secures the foot. The sandals are made with 100% recycled polyester,  vegan leather, and sugarcane bio-based content. The sandals also feature a  sculpted footbed and raised heel cup made with I’m Green™ bio-based EVA as well  as the midsole. RRP- £80

oboz whakata

The Whakata Ease sandals are available in men and women’s specific designs and  are perfect for travel, campsite living, beach walks and exploring rivers. They are  lightweight, comfortable & the ‘Trail Tread’ sole ensures superior slip-resistance and  enhanced durability – designed for effortless walking and relaxing. 






oboz whakata

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