Grubs Quest Walking Boot Review

Hiking, walking, exploring, no matter the adventure, be it walking to a wild swim or ascending a new mountain, I’m constantly on the hunt for footwear that can keep up with my adventures. Enter the new GRUBS QUEST™ hiking boots from the outdoor expert’s Grubs. After putting them through their paces over multiple tough walks and adventures, I can definitively say these boots delivered a top-notch performance in every category.

Grip, Comfort and Durability Redefined – A Review of the GRUB’S QUEST™ Hiking Boots 

Note: These are sometimes referred to as a sport boot or a fitness walking boot.

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Comfortable Hill Walking Boots?

Right out of the box, the comfort level is outstanding. So, my first impressions are these are super comfy, and unlike most brands I have worn in the past, there was little effort required to break them in. Comfortable straight from the box, this is probably the first for me. Within the first twenty minutes of testing, I had a new spring in my step, most definitely one the comfiest pair of hiking boots I have ever worn on day one. Will this level of comfort continue as we break them in? As everyone knows the proof is in the pudding of an all-day hike, where your feet will double in size, ankles will buckle, twist and throble, blisters will form and your feet will drip with sweat, that is a real 8 hrs in any hiking boot. And I can report, that wearing these Grubs hiking boots the usual gremlins appeared, but they were heavily reduced in comparison to how my feet usually feel after a day on the hills. Especially in a new pair of unbroken in boots!

Underfoot, the 6mm NITROCELL™ footbed with its microscopic nitrogen bubbles provides lightweight cushioning akin to an athletic shoe rather than a clunky boot. This is the main reason these are so comfortable out of the box! 

And thanks to innovative features like the articulated speed lacing system and bellowed tongue. This allows you to easily cinch down the 100% waterproof HYDRI-FUSE™ upper for a secure, customised fit.

But what really blew me away was the ergonomic VIBRAM® RollingGait™ technology. I thought it was more technobabble, to explain absolutely nothing, but I was wrong. Instead of stiffly flexing with each step like traditional boots, the GRUB’S QUEST™ rolls with the action smoothly to reduce fatigue on those gruelling uphill slogs. My legs felt noticeably fresher at the end of long days on the hill. 

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Grip For Days

The traction was also incredibly confidence-inspiring across varied terrain. When there is a market leader in grip, it makes sense to take advantage of their expertise and passion. Vibram have demonstrated over the years that they have superior grip on a variety of surfaces and environments and The VIBRAM® RGS Hiker outsole gripped tenaciously on everything from loose scree to slick rock faces. I even did a river crossing (not a grade 5 rapid, just a wee burn) and the boots grips shed water like a champ with no slippage. However, there was no algae! Nothing seems to work on algae! All in all, all daylong the Grubs Quest gives superior grip.

Waterproof Vegan Materials

Despite putting them through the wringer, the HYDRI-FUSE™ upper showed minimal signs of wear and no water ingress. This material is not only waterproof but also highly breathable to banish sweat and odour. And you don’t have to worry about it breaking down over time since it’s fungus and rot-proof.

Making these boots even more profound is their temperature regulation. The HYDRI-FUSE™ lining keeps feet comfortably warm between 0°C to 25°C, yet allows sweat vapor to easily escape. This versatility is perfect for those transitional spring/autumn hikes where you might encounter both chilly mornings and warmer afternoons on the same trip. Or just a typical day here in Scotland.

Compared to other hiking boots I’ve worn, the GRUB’S QUEST™ have been competitive in every facet: traction, comfort, temperature management, and rugged waterproof durability. And at this price point that is extremely impressive. If you want footwear that can tackle any adventure for years to come while keeping your feet happy, these should be at the top of your list. They’ve quickly become my go-to boots for all outdoor adventures.

GRUB’S QUEST™ hiking boots Product Specs:

  • 100% waterproof HYDRI-FUSE™ upper
  • VIBRAM® RGS Hiker™ outsole
  • Articulated speed lacing system with bellowed tongue
  • 6mm NITROCELL™ insulated footbed
  • VIBRAM® RollingGait™ technology
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking HYDRI-FUSE™ lining
  • Protective fused overlays for stability
  • Temperature regulating (0°C to 25°C)
  • Fungus and rot-proof

Reasons to Buy GRUB’S QUEST™ hiking boots.

  • Outstanding traction on varied terrain
  • Waterproof yet breathable for dry, odor-free comfort
  • Seamless rolling motion reduces fatigue on long hikes
  • Lightweight cushioning like an athletic shoe
  • Durable, weatherproof construction built to last
  • Versatile temperature regulation for mixed conditions
  • Secure, customisable fit with speed lacing system

Conclusion Grubs Quest Review

Don’t let subpar hiking boots slow you down on the hills. Upgrade to the revolutionary new GRUB’S QUEST™ boots from Grubs and experience a level of traction, comfort and weatherproof performance that leaves other footwear in the dust. With premium features like the VIBRAM® soles, waterproof HYDRI-FUSE™ upper, and temperature-regulating cushioned footbed, your feet will stay supported, dry and blister-free on every adventure. Stop compromising and gear up with the GRUB’S QUEST™ hiking boots today – your feet will thank you on the trail!

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